Sony NEX-FS700 Review Pre-Release


Sony NEX-FS700 Review Pre-Release.

Shawn Lam has two Sony FS100’s.  So when he gives an overview of its successor, the FS700, he knows what he’s talking about.  Mainly he likes it.  What’s not to like?  It seems on the face to be better in every way (we’ll have to see how the video looks with the new chip).  He is a little pissed with Sony though.  He has been waiting on a firmware update for his 100’s to enable some features, and he suspects that Sony is playing politics with its availability.  He also has this to say about the sudden appearance of ND filters on the new model:

     “….I thought it wasn’t possible to put ND filters with an E-mount system because of the shallow flange-back distance. At least that is the Sony marketing juice that I drank when I bought my FS100….”


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