BH inDepth: Further Details on the Sony FS700 and HXR-NX30U

Two New Sony Pro Camcorders Announced | BH inDepth.

This little camera has two rather unique features: a built-in “gyroscopic” lens assembly, and believe it or not, a projector!  I’m curious how the floating lens assembly works.  Is the chipset glued to the end of the lens assembly?  It used to be that Pro features trickled down to Consumer cameras, but in many instances now, the situations are reversed.  Will we see a PDW700 with a home theatre projector some day?

UPDATE: Cinescopophilia has posted a video that confirms what I thought: The gyro system does work by binding the chip to the lens assembly.  I suspect this type of technique will only work practically for cameras with small, single chip sensors.

The side handle on the FS700 is removable.  I saw an early rig Zacuto had designed for the Canon C300 that placed its removable handle on the end of a hand held rig.  I thought that was quite clever, but then I never saw it again.  Strange.