Band Pro Film & Digital Launches New 1920×1080 Electronic Viewfinder


BAND PRO NewFinder EVF - Band Pro Film & Digital Inc.

BAND PRO NewFinder EVF – Band Pro Film & Digital Inc..

Seems like lots of folks are jumping on the viewfinder wagon.  I say the more the merrier.  Competition means lower prices and higher resolutions.  BandPro designed this one with Astro Design.  Astro make great scopes and know what they’re doing.  This one is built off a LCOS panel, which leads me to suspect it’s sourced from Sony (but I’m only guessing).  It seems designed to interface with some of the more expensive cameras such as the F65 and other cameras with a 20 pin “broadcast” connecter.  Delay is always a sticking point with me, but by “cheating” and using analogue connections, they have it down to under 1 frame.  No word on price as of yet.

OK Zacuto, batter up.  You make a great product, will you take it to the next level at NAB?