Aeoncine Accepting Pre-Orders for the Titan Lite Camera Rig

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Well, I had big hopes for this one, but after having a better look, I think I’ll have to pass.  It looks incredibly well made (in the renderings), but they’re asking $6000 for the full system.  That and it seems to be tailored for RED Epic/Scarlet at the moment, with promises of other cameras to come.

I was interested initially because it seemed like they were going to take advantage of dovetail plates for tripod mounting.  It seems like that is still the case, but one would still need a riser/offset block for each different camera you put on it.

Here’s the deal folks.  Pl mount lenses can either be quite compact as primes (Summilux C), or quite ginormous as zooms (Angenieux 24-290mm).  I need a bridge plate system that allows me to accommodate both those scenarios.  It seems like something that interfaces with a good old dovetail plate would work for that, since you can easily adjust the centre of gravity.  It needs to be able adjust rod height and centring for different cameras, and it would be nice if that could happen without tools.  We’ll be mounting various different cameras, and some of them are DSLR’s so the base where it meets the camera has to be small.  It has to work with the 3 different rod standards.  And since we’re basing it on a dovetail system, it needs to be able to easily and quickly switch over to handheld using the dovetail system (something like an ET Mantis).  First company that makes it wins the prize.

P.S.  It can’t cost twice as much as the camera I’m putting on it.


One thought on “Aeoncine Accepting Pre-Orders for the Titan Lite Camera Rig

  1. Hello there. You are correct for the statement of needing riser plates for different cameras.Other this or have a special unit made for each camera. Unfortunatly every camera has different HEIGHTfrom Center of lens. But riser plates arent a problem.
    What you are missinformed though is that firstly the Top model is specifically made for Epic cameras and all of the Top mount accessories are designed to give a very complete solution to Epic. for just about everything..The price is 5700$ and not 6k AND READING YOUR POST I figured you are interested in other than Epic cameras so , your pacjage can start from 2700$ and work for your camera including many features that you wont find in other rigs.
    Check out the websore at
    Spartan is the rig for you.
    Not available yet will be ready at early October, and very much redesigned as you will find out.

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