Car&Driver: POV Camera Test


Shoot ‘Em Up: High-Def Action Video Camera Test – Feature – Car and Driver.

I’m a car guy, but I never thought I’d be linking to Car & Driver on this blog.  I mean, what do they know about video cameras?  Actually, quite a bit.  Every magazine has websites and iOS editions, but Cat Trimmer Quarterly‘s need for water/debris proof POV cameras is somewhat less than a car mag’s.  These guys routinely stick cameras to car doors so that we may witness an Aventador in all its hooning glory (that last sentence sounds oddly……dirty 🙂 ).  So, who better to give us the skinny on the Contour Roam, the Drift HD, the GoPro HD Hero2 and the Replay XD1080?  Actually, that also sounded……dirty…..