Film and Digital Times: Leica Addresses Delays in the Delivery of The Summilux-C Line

Gerhard and Bernhard at Leica | Film and Digital Times: News.

I knew that Otto Nemenz International had limited numbers, but I didn’t know Leica were so far behind.  Apparently they have orders for 200 sets and haven’t completed anywhere near that amount.  Their plan?

     “….I think the main point is to implement a more systematic production technique. What I found upon arriving at CW Sonderoptic was really more of a prototype assembly system that could make a limited number of lenses. It was time to bring the production up to a new level and say, “Okay, let’s re-organize and begin industrial production for big numbers….”

We’ll see how it goes, they still seem to be talking about it in the abstract in the article.  They also hint at another line of lenses to come, possibly near IBC next year.