L.A. Times: Sony Organizational Shake-up Prioritizes Digital Imaging


Sony organizational shake-up signals key shifts in its priorities – latimes.com.

Sony has been bleeding money lately.  Perhaps best known for Trinitrons and Walkmans, both of those traditional strengths have taken a beating in recent years.  Apple has decimated the portable music player market, and competition from Samsung and others had Sony’s TV sales dropping 43% in the Xmas quarter last year.  Ouch.  What to do?  Well, they’ve given Sir Howard Stringer the boot, and have installed a new Chief Executive at the helm, Kazuo Hirai.  He’s put the TV division under his direct control to try and breath some life into it.  He’s also re-organized the company around 3 tent poles: mobile products, games and digital imaging:

     “….the new mobile group will include both Vaio laptops and the Sony Ericsson cellphone business, while the games segment will include all PlayStation products. Digital imaging will encompass Sony’s camera business, including its entry-level point-and-shoot cameras as well as professional-grade cameras and projectors….”

Good luck Mr. Hirai.  Hard to imagine my world without Sony…..