Greg Hren Photography: Lighting – Doing More With Less

Weekend Photo Tip #19… Doing With Less « Greg Hren Photography.

Well dear readers, I’ve taken a day or 2 vacation from posting, but I finally have the time and energy to catch-up, so brace yourself for a whack of info.

I love postings like the one above, full of good practical advice.  I once hand held a curved rectangular garbage can as a bounce for a football stand-up, so I can relate.  I would have killed for an easel!!  The point of course is that nobody sees anything other than the finished product.  Be innovative.  Adapt.  Overcome.

When you’re buying equipment, always consider if you can use the gear in more than one way.  I prefer Mafer clamps over Cardellinis: they do the same thing, are lighter, and in addition to letting you put a stud just about anywhere, they can also go on top of a stand.  2 configurations, right?  And since your Mafer clamp has to have a detachable stud anyways, why not get one that has 3/8″ and 1/4″ threads on either end like below?  Now you have a DSLR mount, and a Boom Mic mount, both of which are now adjustable for pan and tilt….

I recently found a new cart for sending on the road that my guys seem to like.  It tilts to 45 degrees, and can hold up to 500 pounds.  Initially I was going to go with a lighter one, but since it is always going to have to travel as a separate piece of luggage anyways, as long as it is under 50 pounds, what difference does it make?  Might as well get something beefier that can stand some abuse.  It is made by a company called Gruv Gear.  They sent it with some parts missing, and it took some coaxing to get the parts out to us, but since then I’ve been happy.  You can configure it in…..that’s right……multiple different ways 🙂 .

Weekend Photo Tip #19… Doing With Less « Greg Hren Photography