fxguide: Using 3D Rigs for 2D With Infrared Tracking Markers


Infrared tracking: ingenious innovation for WWF | fxguide.

Possibly NSFW, but nothing more racy than the above photo.

Wow, pretty damn cool.  They took two Phantom high speed cameras, and aligned them in a 3D mirror rig.  But instead of using the sled to adjust inter-occular distance for 3D, they perfectly aligned them with each other.  Vision Research made one of the Phantoms a Black & White model that was especially sensitive to infrared.  They then painted the fashion model with markers that were “invisible” to the regular Phantom, and had a go.  Some obstacles to overcome (such as what wavelengths of the spectrum the mirror rig would allow), but all-in-all a neat technique.  Check out the article for details.