EOSHD.com: DXOMark Says Nikon D800 Sensor is “Best Ever”

First truly representative Nikon D800 video footage. DXOMark says sensor is ‘best ever’. | EOSHD.com.

Here is a bit of a surprise!  Nikon gets its imaging chips from Sony, and apparently this one is a gamer, outperforming even a Phase One digital back.  Apparently its low light performance is also not that far off of the excellent D4, which has much larger pixels to gather more light.  Video performance is apparently much better than its big brother the D4 as well (but has a bit of moire).  So, to sum up:

-impressive chip, excellent for 36MP stills with the bonus of video performance to rival the 5Dmklll

-good in low light

-clean HDMI out

-half the price of a D4, and $500 less than a Canon 5Dmklll

If you’re a Canon person, you’re not going to care, but if you’re a Nikon junkie, two D800’s instead of one D4 has got to look pretty tempting……..