ProVideo Multidyne Mergers to Lead to New Fiber Optic Camera Accessories


ProVideo News by PVC Staff.

Not much detail here, but what’s really important are the mergers.  They’ve teamed up the former Chief Technical Officer of Telecast and the camera rig designers from Solid Camera.  This is interesting, I’m keen to see what they launch at NAB.

I recently had to buy fiber units for work to transport HD-SDI signals.  Telecast has been the long time leader, so of course I looked at them. I talked to a few local tech guys, and one of them suggested Multidyne.  I had a look, and they were doing a product called The Silverbullet.  It is similar to Telecast’s Rattler line, but they were doing 3G HD-SDI for less than the price of the regular HD-SDI offered by the Rattlers.  But, at the end of the day, I actually went with Blackmagic’s ATEM boxes, since size wasn’t a major factor for me.  They do duplex fiber, HD-SDI to HDMI translation, have a built-in battery and intercom capability, all for less than either of the Multidyne or Telecast options mentioned.

If this new Multidyne merger can do 3G HD-SDI, along with camera control signals for a good price, they’ll corner a niche.  The ATEM boxes are great for small mobiles, but you can’t control camera iris’s at the switcher with them.  That, to me, (along with intercom and tally) is the real silver bullet for mass adoption if they can match the ATEM price.