ProVideo A Closer Look at Sony’s OLED Displays and the Technology Behind Them

ProVideo Stunning Good Looks by Art Adams.

Art Adams gives a brief overview of LCD and CRT technologies that have brought us this far, and then goes into how OLED technology is different (and better).

A while back I posted a similar article about LG’s OLED tech.  They were using OLED’s simply as a light source for what is essentially still an LCD.  I wondered at that time if Sony’s Pro monitors used the same compromised tech.  They do not.  Sony is using the “proper” method of making individual colour pixels by mixing RGB.  I found the talk of intensifying the colours by bouncing them around using “optical resonance” to be interesting.  On the issue of flicker that I’ve covered a little here, Art says:

     “….It’s easy to forget that a little over five years ago we learned how to tune out the flicker of a 24p (48i) image on a CRT. When Sony commenced development of OLED monitors they surveyed many in the industry and asked what they wanted in a monitor and were overwhelmingly told, “Make it look like a CRT!” They did–and now we’re complaining about flicker that, until recently, we accepted as normal. Sony is in the process of giving us what we really want by removing the flicker that many of us inadvertently asked for in the first place….”

Be careful what you ask for, you might get it!