Matthew Duclos’ Circle of Confusion: Zeiss Fleshes Out Their Range With A New Wide, Fast 15mm f/2.8


Zeiss 15mm f/2.8 ZF.2/ZE Ultra-Wide (fatty) « Matthew Duclos’ Circle of Confusion.

It’s a nice looking lens, with quite the hood.  It takes a 95mm filter inside of the hood.  Mr. Duclos opines:

     “….produces a staggering 110º diagonal field of view on a 35mm full frame camera or about 75º on an APS-C/Super-35mm camera. That’s pretty much the sweet spot when it comes to ultra-wide angle lenses if you ask me. Anything wider, while maintaining 35mm full frame coverage, is usually forced into slower aperture, much larger size and weight, and exhibits a lot more distortion. This 15mm from Zeiss should perform like a dream for most cinematographers….”