DSLR News Shooter: Kinotehnik LCDVFE Electronic Viewfinder


DSLR News Shooter | Kinotehnik LCDVFE Electronic viewfinder.

So, I’ve been following these guys for a while, and it looks like they’re finally ready to play.  I like the features, and the rod mount looks interesting.  I also like the AA battery option.  I’ve whined in the past about the latency in these external viewfinders, and it looks like they’ve made an extra effort to get theirs as low as possible (one frame, depending on how many FPS the camera is doing).  It looks like they’re trying to hit the mid-point for pricing: above the Zacuto but below the TV Logic competition.

They’re also considering the Sony OLED 720 panel for possible future units.  I was hoping some third party manufacturer would look at them, so that makes me happy, we’ll see:

     Dslrnewsshooter:  Will there be a HD-SDI version in the future?”

     “Tõnis Liivamägi: Yes, there will be but we have to see if it will be based on 3″ ish LCD screen or on a small 720P OLED display (sub 1″) – the availability and pricing of the latter is currently on military level, even by Sony….”