Film Gear Torture: Review of Flolights


Stellar Flo Light – Kinoflo Diva clone review « DSLR and Video Gear Reviews From The Battlefield.

I like Diva lights.  They are light, soft, colour temperature agile, dimmable and produce very little heat.  They are even reasonably inexpensive.  Depending on your definition of inexpensive.  And Kino-Flo blazed the way and helped push for the development of broadcast capable bulbs.  But when you get right down to it, Divas are a little more than bulb clips with high frequency ballasts, and both of those, as well as the bulbs, are commodity parts these days.  Once something edges into being a commodity, it’s only a matter of time before imitators start assembling those parts for less money.

So it is with Flolights.  They make a product very similar to a Diva, for much less dinero.  I ordered four of their 6 bulb units to light the seamless cyclorama in my workplace.  I can run all four off of a single circuit with Edison plugs.  I’ve had them for over a year.  I’ve yet to replace a bulb (they’re not being used day-to-day), and they’re doing what I bought them for: covering a large area with lots of soft light.  I don’t cart them around in the field, but the reviewer above has.  Check out his views….


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