Tej’s Tech Blog: A Review of CineGrain

CineGrain | Tej’s Tech Blog.

I don’t mean this in a negative way, but I imagine it will translate as that.  I’m amazed when people spend hours pouring over reviews, and testing cameras and lenses, in an effort to get the most pristine image possible when they shoot.  And then they junk it up in Post to the point where they could have shot it on my Sister’s Hi8 camera 🙂 .  I’m just saying.

I’m a little fed up with all these crappy Instagram pictures from tech bloggers too.  They’re OK if you are going for a look, but if you’re posting it to show equipment, why wouldn’t you make it as clear as possible so people can SEE what you’re trying to show them?  OK, rant over, happy Kelly re-emerging……

Anywho, if you need to make your 20megapixel sensor-downsampled to 8k-full resolution Green channel 4k-Sony F65 footage look like film 🙂 , have a look at Cinegrain.  Tej has a nice review.