A Guide To Becoming A Cinematographer


A Guide To Becoming A Cinematographer, Becoming a Cinematographer, A Cinematographer’s Guide | Official Tom Cruise.

Yes, that Tom Cruise.  I would suspect that his blog is ghost written 🙂 , but no matter, good info is good info, and this link is full of it.  The posting essentially lists a number of sources that are worth looking at if your goal is to become a Cinematographer.  Most of these links will be familiar to anyone that reads this blog, but some are not, and it’s always a good idea to refresh.  Go have a look.

I saw MI4 again Yesterday in IMAX.  Impressive, especially when you consider that it was actually Mr. Cruise out there on the side of the building.  He is a bit of a renaissance man, and I would imagine that just through the training for his various films, he is an expert on a number of subjects.  As he points out, he has worked with 6 Academy Award winners for Cinematography, so he has absorbed a few things over the years.  I remember reading about a conversation an Astrophysicist had with James Cameron.  The guy was just amazed at the depth and breadth of Mr. Cameron’s knowledge about a pretty specialized field of work.  I love meeting people that can talk intelligently on a range of subjects.