Enterprise Video Streaming – Pitfalls to Avoid

Enterprise Video Streaming: Pitfalls to Avoid on – Online Video Strategies, Platforms, News, and Tips.

When you’re dealing with large corporations, I’ve found that people tend to sandbox themselves.  They do whatever it takes to ensure that their little portion of the world is running properly, and couldn’t care less about the rest of the company.  Corporate culture tends to re-enforce this manner of thinking.  There used to be the saying “Nobody ever got fired for buying IBM”.  That essentially meant that IBM was accepted in the corporate world, and even though there may have been better solutions out there, you were better off not taking a chance on them.  It’s the same if you’re a Politician: if you make a change in something that isn’t already obviously terrible, you automatically alienate %50 of your votes, so it’s better for re-election to live with the status quo.

What’s all the above got to do with streaming video?  Nothing, I just like to type…. 🙂

No, seriously, if you’re going to bring streaming video into a company, you’re going to have to deal with their existing IT people.  They are not people that like change, or anything that threatens the stability of the infrastructure they’ve spent years establishing and securing.