Whatever Happened to Mike Curtis From HD for Indies?

ProVideo Coalition.com: HD For Indies by Mike Curtis | Founder.

Mike Curtis was Philip Bloom before he existed 🙂  He used to do a column out of Austin very much like this one.  It was required daily reading and talked a lot about shooting digitally before even RED was on the scene, and the democratization of desktop editing.  Then he got a “haircut and a real job”, moved to L.A., and pretty much dropped off the map (by map I mean frequent posting to the internet 🙂 ).

I also used to watch “The Show” by Ze Frank everyday, coincidentally during about the same time period.  Both of them suffered a little bit of burn out, and decided to step back for a while.  I have such huge respect for both of them.  As I’m learning, it is not an easy thing to do a post Every……Single…….Day…….   And I’m not even making creative original content!

Well, praise the Lord and pass the ammunition!  Two of my bloggy blog heroes are re-entering the scene!  Mike has stepped forward at ProVideo Coalition again, and Ze is soon to re-start as well.  In typical fashion, Ze is using the internet to help by using Kickstarter to build up seed money to be put towards creating original content.

I started this blog because like these two, most of the people I respect had some form of internet presence.  I’m a noob who knows nothing about the internet.  I don’t care about Facebook (and in some respects I don’t quite get it), I’m digging Twitter, I can’t code HTML  and I have no idea how to monetize this blog.  I didn’t start it for money.  I started it because I wanted to share my insights, and maybe meet some cool like-minded people.  Maybe some day I’ll run into Misters Curtis and Frank.  Kelly out.

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