Apple: The New iPad

Apple – Apple Events – Apple Special Event March 2012.

This is a link to the keynote speech.  A fairly major launch for video folks.  I’m just going to blurt a few random thoughts and observations:

-Tim Cook is pretty dry (and a little tongue tied).  I certainly wasn’t expecting him to step into Steve Jobs’ shoes (who could?), but let’s just say I was glad when Phil Schiller took over.  Phil has really come into his own I thought.  Nice dry sense of humour and funny asides 🙂

-So the big news is the Retina Display.  Apple is calling it Resolutionary.  Cute.  It is 2048×1536, which is 4 times the resolution of the last iPad.  I saw a Tweet from some RED Camera folks saying “SEE!  This is why you have to shoot 4K!!  Soon all devices will be sharper than HD”.  I think they were even serious.  I think it will really help for people that read on their iPad, but be of limited impact for most other uses.

-Having said that, what’s it going to take until someone comes up with a way to get an HD-SDI signal into that bad boy?  Crazy good colour, higher than HD resolution and a 10 hour battery life?!  This is a field monitor/camera viewfinder dream.  There’s gotta be a way…..

-Whoever comes up with the field monitor adapter, better make it weather proof.  Who else got a good laugh out of the Father shooting video in direct sunlight while frolicking with his kids in the surf and sand?

-No Siri.  Boo.

-I was really impressed with being able to “dodge & burn” photos just by painting with your finger in the new iPhoto.  I’m curious how the transfer between iPad/iPhoto and Mac/iPhoto is going to work.  Can you ingest RAW using the camera capture adapter?  They say the editing is non-destructive.  Does a new photo come over to the Mac, or just a RAW photo with a list of changes?  If you create a “LUT” on the iPad, can that transfer to your Mac?  I’m pretty sure he said there was an 18 Megapixel resolution limit, so all you 5D owners and Nikon 800 users are SOL 🙂

-The new Apple TV has gone 1080.  Finally.  Who else remembers groaning when Steve Jobs said HD is where it’s at, then started talking about 720…..  This is great news in the sense that you only have to buy one file and can play it on your computer, TV, and iOS device in 1080.  It’s also one less excuse for downloaders.  Before you were able to get better quality by Torrenting, not any more.  Now if they could just get rid of the mandatory ads in front of Blu-Ray releases…….

-It’s a little heavier and thicker.  Since it’s getting 9 hours of LTE data life, I’d wager a good deal of the added girth is battery.  That’s a lot of the reason the iPhone 4S didn’t get LTE data I think: they’ll need a new case design with a more advanced or bigger battery to pull that off while retaining the all day battery life