Cinescopophilia: Twixtor Available for Apple Final Cut Pro X

Twixtor available for Apple Final Cut Pro X

Twixtor available for Apple Final Cut Pro X.

Twixtor is a plug-in that increases your options when it comes to doing speed ramping and/or manipulating frame rates.  Rather than just speeding/slowing the footage, Twixtor actually interpolates “tween” frames to create a smoother effect.

It has been around for a while, now they’ve released it for “the X”.  It’s previously been compatible with……everything else below 🙂

Adobe After Effects
Adobe Premiere Pro
Apple Final Cut
Apple Final Cut Pro
Autodesk Systems
Autodesk Maya
Composite (Toxik)
Assimilate Scratch
Avid Systems
Foundry Nuke
eyeon Fusion
eyeon Vision
Apple Shake
Sony Vegas Pro