Steve’s Digicams: Whoops! Nikon Uses Canon DSLR Footage to Launch D800

Whoops! Nikon Uses Canon DSLR Footage to Launch D800..

UPDATE:  It appears that Nikon is aware of the situation, and is taking steps to rectify it.  A quote from one of the copyright holders Facebook page:

     “….I want to thank Kimito Uemura & Nikon for taking swift action, and resolving this issue quickly. They have taken every step to have the video removed, and will do everything possible to avoid this from happening again in the future. This matter is now fully resolved between the two of us….”

My former colleague told me about this one, but I’ve been slow in getting around to it, sorry KB.  Nikon is in Bangkok preparing to launch their D800 camera.  Reportedly, they put together a promo video (although I can’t currently find the the video on Nikon’s Thailand site or on their Asia Youtube page).  The Steve’s Digicams article has a copy of the supposed video, shot off of a monitor screen.  It also has links to other, completely unrelated videos with what appear to be identical shots.  Those videos were not commissioned by Nikon, and were not shot with a Nikon D800.

If true (and it appears to be), this is going to be expensive for Nikon.  First in likely being sued for use of copyrighted material (see UPDATE above).  Second, and certainly more importantly, in credibility.  If the footage isn’t from their camera, that’s bad.  If it’s from their major competitor’s “old” camera, that’s just embarrassing.  I wonder if Canon will take them to court?