DSLR News Shooter: Manfrotto Gets Into the DSLR Rigging Game With Their Sympla Line


DSLR News Shooter | Manfrotto to unveil ‘game-changing’ Sympla range of rigs at NAB 2012.

Well, it’s about time.  It’s funny, I hadn’t even really noticed that they weren’t focusing here until this story.  They are a big dog in this field, it’s odd that they took this long.  The picture looks interesting, we’ll have to see.

I’m getting frustrated with trying to make these rigs work.  It’s hard to buy a “Universal” rig that will accommodate multiple cameras, as well as be adjustable for hand-held and tripod use.  The Titan Lite looked promising, but so far it’s vapourware in my mind.  Come on Aeon Cine, let’s have some info.  Launch date?  Pricing?  Availability?