Engadget: UNRULY Headcase Wants to Make Your GoPro Less “So So”


Insert Coin: UNRULY Headcase, wants to make your GoPro less ‘so so’ — Engadget.

The Hero2 has really come into its own as a camera.  The fact they all come with an underwater case is great, but some times they aren’t enough protection for when you intend to put the poor little camera in harm’s way.  Some folks have created a Kickstarter campaign in order to make a better cage for the King of the POV’s.

I generally prefer our GoPros over the first generation of Contour, but one thing Contour got right was designing in a 1/4 20″ mounting hole.  That’s pretty much an industry standard, and it’s unacceptable that the GoPro doesn’t have one, or at least ships with a simple adapter to go from their mount to 1/4 20″.