Canon Launches the 5Dmklll

Canon U.S.A. : About Canon

Canon U.S.A. : About Canon.

Well, the oft rumoured day has arrived (and it wasn’t the 27th) 🙂  It’s actually the 25th anniversary of EOS system, how come nobody thought of that when they were throwing out their guesses on the launch date?  No matter, I’ll briefly run down the video features of this $3500 successor to the camera that changed the game.  By the way, if you have a rig built on the Markll, you’ll love this camera.  It looks exactly the same, and uses the same batteries, etc..

UPDATE: No clean HDMI out.  No 1080 60P, only 720

-Newly designed full-frame CMOS 22 megapixel sensor.  Even though this is roughly the same as the Markll, this new one has gapless microlenses over each pixel so no light is lost between pixels and as much light as possible is focused onto each pixel.  It also has improved on-chip noise reduction, which allows…..

-An ISO range of 100 to 25,600 in normal usage, and extended ISO up to 102,400

-There is no more line skipping, so moire is greatly reduced.  It has the next generation of Digic 5 processor, and skew has also been reduced

-You can pick from 2 different forms of h.264 recording: either interframe or intraframe (still 8 bit)

-It has Rec Run or Free Run SMPTE timecode

-Manual audio controls over the same crappy 1/8″ jack (Boo!), but they’ve added a headphone jack for monitoring (Yay!!)

-No 4GB file size limit, you can record for 30 minutes at a time.  You can use either SD or Compact Flash cards.  Do simultaneous record to both, or fail over to the second when the first gets full