An Updated Gathering of Links About the Canon EOS 5D Mark III

Canon U.S.A. : Professional Imaging Products : EOS 5D Mark III

Canon’s official Press Release

Canon USA’s overview page

The man who started it all, Vincent Laforet, has his thoughts on the new hotness.  He confirms that there is no clean HDMI out.  That’s a mistake Canon.  Someone doesn’t want to compete with the C300 I guess…..

Another sample video from Canon Europe on Vimeo

Wide Open Camera has a page with 2 videos.  One is a brief hands-on from The Verge, the other is a link to Canon France’s high quality and produced sample video.

Twitter user @marvinhello has scoured the specs to confirm the record rate as 91mbits per second

Planet 5D naturally has a lot of details that aren’t in the press release such as it doesn’t automatically switch cards in video mode, and the ISO modes aren’t for video, only up to 25,600

Scott Bourne thinks the $1000 price hike is too much

DP Review has a low light test using stills

B&H has a rundown of the features, and has it available for pre-order (most sites are saying the end of March)

Henry’s in Canada has their page up.  It shows on the stills side, the Marklll has the ability to merge 3 different exposure in camera for a HDR print.  I read somewhere that the new Digic is 17 times faster than the old!

Studio Daily has a nice overview

Pro Video Coalition has a quick look

Fstoppers link to a DP Review overview video (Wow.  A link page linking to a site that links to a site that has posted a video on a site….)

EOSHD have been hyping the launch for what seems like forever.  Having said that, they have one of the best in-depth looks

DSLR 4 Real thinks it will be a great camera for people that do both stills and video at the same time, but he wants to wait and compare it to the new Nikon….

Stu from Prolost is onboard, he’s placed his pre-order.  His reasons are as usual, well reasoned

Film and Digital Times has a full look

Gizmodo says holler!

HD Warrior notes that the new processor enables one to trim movie clips in camera


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