CNET News: MPEG LA Offers Patent License for 3D Video


MPEG LA offers patent license for 3D video | Deep Tech – CNET News.

I wasn’t quite sure I understood what he’s saying here.  Is this the technology that’s already in use and they’ve just now gotten around to codifying it?  Or is this a new standard?

     “….For companies that want to use something like MVC, licensing a patent pool is more convenient than hammering out agreements from a host of individual patent holders. But MPEG LA, which also licenses a patent pool for the widely used H.264 video codec, isn’t free of controversy. Google is trying to promote a royalty-free video codec called VP8 that competes with H.264, but MPEG LA is investigating whether to offer a patent pool for VP8 and says so far it’s found 12 organizations with patents that bear on VP8….”