ProVideo Review of the Sony FS100


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The FS100 has been out for quite some time, so normally I wouldn’t post about a review at this stage of the game, but the difference is this is Adam Wilt doing the review.  He, in my mind, is the best/most thorough reviewer of pro video cameras out there at the moment, so he gets special treatment 🙂  His conclusions:

     “….it’s a mixed bag. A Super35mm sensor; 1080p resolution (if perhaps slightly soft); variable frame rates up to 60fps; adaptability to almost any lens available; stunning low-light performance; solid-state recording on affordable media (and up to 11 hours with the HXR-FMU128); runs half a day on the stock battery: there’s a lot to recommend this camera. On the flip side, there are awkward aspects to the unusual design, some limitations in image processing and shutter speeds, and the picture sometimes shows the telltale artifacts of an imperfectly-interpreted color filter array sensor….”