HD Warrior: Testing the Canon WFT-E6 Wi-Fi Dongle With the C300


HD Warrior » Blog Archiv » Testing the Canon WFT-E6 Wi-Fi dongle with the C300.

Using this device, you can use your iPad to get a time delayed Live View and control the basic functions of your C300: Focus, Exposure, White Balance, Gain, ISO, etc.  Man there are a whole bunch of situations where I can see this being a life saver.  But as they said in “Contact” about the astronaut suicide pill, its main use will be for scenarios that no one has even thought of yet 🙂

On a tangent, I loved Carl Sagan’s novel of Contact, one of my favourite Sci-Fi examinations of science, atheism and religion.  A great ending that makes you think.  Why the H-E-double-hockey-sticks did Hollywood have to try and make it into a love story?!  And I’m all for suspension of disbelief, but seriously?  You built a second massive Machine-from-outerspace and NOBODY noticed?