The Phoblographer: Do You Really Need a Faster CF Card?


Do You Really Need a Faster CF Card? at The Phoblographer.

On a bit of a tangent, If you’ve been a regular reader, you know that my workplace has recently bought a Zaxcom Nomad audio recorder.  I found a great deal on some Lexar cards online, and bought some 400x 32GB cards.  Unfortunately, the Nomad didn’t like them too much.  I talked to Zaxcom, and they told me that the Nomad currently was happy only with 133x cards (wish they had said that on their website earlier on).  So, the new cards are now dedicated to the C300 🙂

Chris Gampat is a still photographer who wonders if the new faster cards really make a difference to the average user.  The short answer?  Predictably, unless you’re shooting sports, the slow cards are fine.  But the new cards really do speed things up.  It’s like getting a new camera.  Also, the benefits don’t end at the camera.  If you’ve got a fast reader, offload times are greatly reduced (which video folks will really appreciate).