Avid: What’s New With Blackmagic Design at BVE 2012


What's new with Blackmagic Design at BVE 2012 - YouTube

What’s new with Blackmagic Design at BVE 2012 – YouTube.

Avid pops over to the BlackMagic stand at the Broadcast Video Expo to have a chat with one of their technology partners.  They have a quick boo at the second generation of the Hyperdeck Shuttle.

We got ours at my work this week.  Its an impressive little unit at a very reasonable price.  After spending some time with it, we’ve noticed a couple of “gotchas”.  One, as I commented earlier, there are about 50 holes on the optional mounting plate, but none of them seem to match any of the hole patterns of established third party camera rigs.  That was frustrating (plus the plate and unit together are quite heavy for the size).  Second, and this is partially my own fault for not researching the unit more thoroughly, it currently doesn’t record timecode or trigger recording over HD-SDI.  I just assumed it would do that, and it doesn’t.  I’ve talked to BlackMagic support, and they’ve promised they’re working on it for a future firmware update.  But, for now, you have to manually press record and stop on the unit itself, and you have to assign timecode to the clips once you import them into your editing program of choice.


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