Getting Ready To Deliver The Future….Again

Misc. Update….

I have a rule against posting rumours, but when the head of the company tells you what’s coming, is that still considered a rumour?

3D projectors and 4K playback are in the pipeline according to Mr. Jannard.  People (including myself) tend to focus on the negatives of RED, and RED can’t say that focus is undeserved.  Cameras with half baked firmware, promised features that are slow to come, and extremely sketchy delivery schedules for accessories are just some of the reasons that mean haters gonna hate.

But it’s easy to focus on the negative.  Sure their software development has been iffy at times, but they always let people know what progress they were making in an open manner that no other company ever has before.  And they have never charged for a firmware update.  The link above mentions that they are STILL updating the RED One.  It’s impressive that they still care about people with their oldest camera.  And they’ve designed the ability to swap old sensors for newer ones into their camera bodies.  That’s also impressive.  I can’t let them off the hook for slow peripheral shipping though.  That’s terrible and it has to change.

This is a disruptive company.  They have entered the market and shook things up for the better.  And it’s spirit is uniquely American.  One guy decides to do what they say can’t be done, and assembles a team with the focus and “we-don’t-care-about-the-status-quo” gumption to take on the big dogs.  In an age where almost all of electronics manufacturing has left the U.S., RED has brought a lot of their assembly (and jobs) back to America.  People always say things like “If I won the lottery, I’d do things my way”.  Well, Jim Jannard put his money where his mouth was, and followed through.  The F65 and Alexa and their predecessors would probably not exist without RED pushing the traditional companies to react.  I found it rather amusing that Sony is all of a sudden hyping 4K like it didn’t exist before they came onboard this year!  The concept of recording RAW images was copied from the stills world, but certainly RED popularized it for the cinema world.  Doing away with tape (and expensive tape decks) gathered momentum through RED.  Shooting in 24P didn’t come from RED, but they were really the first to make an “affordable” digital cinema camera with a Super 35mm size sensor.  I think we can say that the “accidental” development of the video mode in the 5D would have brought us a lot of the way down the same road, but I sometimes wonder where we would be today if RED hadn’t come on the scene.

Steve Jobs said it was hard enough to have one breakthrough product that revolutionizes an industry.  With 3D projection and inexpensive 4K playback, is Jim Jannard going to take over 2 more industries?