Canon U.S.A: Plug-in for Importing C300 Footage Into Final Cut Pro X

Canon U.S.A. : Professional Imaging Products : EOS C300.

This comes by way of the @VisualEdgeChris and @planetMitch Twitter feeds.

Well, this is the big news of the day in my estimation.  I would assume that this will work for all of Canon’s cameras that use the 50mbps MXF format.

The other day I was trying to work out what would be the best small camcorder with HD-SDI out whose Codec could be easily edited in FCP X (It’s what I think about.  Don’t mock).  I liked the Canon XF105 with its high bit rate 4:2:2, but had to dismiss it from the running in favour of the Sony HXRNX5U because unfortunately, its inferior AVCHD codec could import into FCP X more easily.  No more.