AJA Video Systems: KiPro and KiPro Mini Firmware Updated to V3.0


News – AJA Video Systems.

I love when I get more capability for FREE!  Here’s a list of some of the things they’ve improved (I’m going to like being able to save my settings for later recall):

– Ki Pro can now be configured for data transfer to FireWire 800-equipped Apple computers, for situations where the unit is not easily accessible for physical data removal.

– Data Transfer via LAN connection

– Ki Pro and Ki Pro Mini can now burn timecode and transport state into the video signal, providing at-a-glance status to users monitoring output, without having to check the device itself. It is also convenient for times when video is dubbed from Ki Pro/Ki Pro Mini to another source to track timecode throughout post. A user selectable Super Out (window burn) option for SDI has also been added to both Ki Pro and Ki Pro Mini.

– Playlist creation: A new feature for the web UI adds flexibility in selecting clip playback order for both Ki Pro and Ki Pro Mini.

– HDMI timecode support in Ki Pro Mini for Sony NEX-FS100 and other Sony NXCAM cameras.

– Ki Pro now supports ExpressCard/34 memory cards.

– Ki Pro now supports LANC, enabling camera operators to control shooting via LANC-based controllers and LANC enabled cameras.

-1080 Variable Frame Rate Support for certain Canon camcorders, for Ki Pro and Ki Pro Mini.

-Presets can now be created, saved and recalled for easier interaction with device settings in Ki Pro and Ki Pro Mini.

– An option for continued recording upon video input loss. Ki Pro and Ki Pro Mini will generate a status change video frame, then pick up recording automatically when a valid video signal is returned.