NoFilmSchool: The Latest on the Chinese KineRAW Digital Cinema Camera


The Latest on the Chinese KineRAW Digital Cinema Camera – NoFilmSchool.

Man, I think I’m going to design a digital cinema camera.  Seems like everybody else and their dog already has!

I think they’re going to have to work hard to make it competitive to battle the Scarlet, but I guess we’ll see.  Perhaps Kinefinity and the Apertus open source group from earlier this week should team up?


One thought on “NoFilmSchool: The Latest on the Chinese KineRAW Digital Cinema Camera

  1. I spoke to the ‘leader’ of the camera design at Apertus some time ago and got very negative reaction to the need for True RAW recording and recording more than their 8bit JP4 compressed format.

    I was talking to them about adding a True RAW 12bit port to their existing 8bit compressed camera, but they missed their opportunity, if my comments are still on their Forum, you can read both sides and see what I mean. ™ as a 2.5K camera prototype also recording 2592x1102x12bit at up to 25fps as far as I understand. His target MSRP is about $500 for a sensor board and PCIe interface card. I have processed some tests for him and they results are similar to the KineRAW-S8p ™ but there are some differences in the color balance and aliasing because he is using another type of OLPF filter plus IR-cut it seems.

    So there are two companies with ‘working’ prototypes of 2.5K low cost UNCOMPRESSED recording True RAW cameras in China that save 100% of the sensor output for archive and processing as you like in post production.

    What if anything does Apertus ™ have to add to that?

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