Ross Video Acquires FX-Motion Robotic Camera Systems


News: Ross Video Acquires FX-Motion Robotic Camera Systems

News: Ross Video Acquires FX-Motion Robotic Camera Systems.

I saw this a few days ago and forgot to comment.  If you’ve spent any time in Broadcasting, you’ll know of Ross.  They’re a Canadian company that primarily makes Switchers for trucks and control rooms.  Interesting that they’re branching out a bit.  The Vitec group has Vinten robotic pedestals, I guess this is a move to compete on more levels.  It also has some synergy because it is another thing they can sell within the control room: if you’re coming to them for a switcher, why not get other systems from the same source?

I hadn’t checked in on Ross for a while.  I wondered how they are doing competing against the Tricasters and Granites of the world.  Apparently things are good as their profits were up 59% last quarter.

One thing I like about them is they started the OpenGear initiative for terminal gear.  It essentially establishes a common rack-mount for processing cards, and as an OpenGear member, you’re have access to the design so you don’t have to make one from scratch everytime.  It meant competition for Ross, but they realized that a rising tide lifts all boats.  I like companies that try to be open where they can.