YoYotta.com: Yo Yo Now Supports Sony F65 Workflows




I got here from the @CineAltaNews Twitter feed.

Well, I have to admit I had never heard of this software for DIT folks before now (but that’s not really my world).  It seems to be on version 3, so it has obviously been around a while.  Here’s what they say about the F65:

     “….pleased to announce support for the newly released Sony F65 camera in both 4K RAW format and also the HD SStP codec.  YoYotta has been developing YoYo workflows for the F65 camera and the SRMASTER format as part of the Sony preferred partner program during 2011….”

Their web page seems to have a pretty comprehensive list of features, if you’re one of the folks having to manage the Terabytes of data from the F65s out there in the wild, it might be worth a look.  They also handle the usual suspects: RED, Alexa, etc…..