ProVideo Testing out Intelligent Assistance’s Final Cut Pro 7 to Final Cut Pro X Conversion Program – 7toX


ProVideo the EDITBLOG on PVC by Scott Simmons.

The headline is a little convoluted, but makes sense if you re-read it 🙂  Scott Simmons tests out Philip Hodgetts and company’s new software.  The 7toX program gives you what Apple wouldn’t: a way to bring legacy FCP 7 projects into the different-in-every-way FCP X.  On an aside, they also make software to go back the other way.

Mr. Simmons didn’t take it easy on them.  He used a live performance with 7 cameras and 10 hours of media:

ProVideo the EDITBLOG on PVC by Scott Simmons

His assessment?  Impressive.  They’ve done a great job, and where there isn’t a direct conversion, they’ve made the most logical compromise.  It’s 10 bucks.  Are you kidding me?  They’re going to make a fortune!