Xsanity: Use of Final Cut Pro X with a SAN is Still Not Great

Xsanity – Final Cut Pro X: Xsan Best Practices.

I got here from @DigitalReb’s Twitter feed.

I guess Apple has posted a new White Paper on the best way of working with FCP X and a Storage Area Network.  According to Xsanity, 10.0.3 is still SNAFU:

– You can share media in a single location, but you can’t have multiple editors ingesting to the same location. (You could with FCP 7, if you were careful about file names.)

– You can’t share a single project at one time (one person editing video, and one person editing audio within the same project storyline).

– You can’t ingest media and have it automatically pop up in another editor’s workspace (as Avid has done for years).

– When you share media, there is no sharing of metadata you may add to the media within your own event database. Markers, keywords, collections, etc., are all visible only to one editor, no matter who may be sharing the media.