Negative Spaces: Using Scratch Lab for On-Set Deliverables


Scratch Lab – Negative Spaces – Ben Cain.

Hanging with my editor buddy Andrew while I type this.  While he loves the speed of Davinci Resolve, and we’ve used it a lot to solve various problems over the past while, it doesn’t do audio.

A couple of posts below we talked about Assimilate Scratch and how it is doing stereo RED Epic RAW playback at 48 fps.  Ben Cain notes that of the various options available for working on-set, lately he’s liking Assimilate’s product too:

     “….I’ve been rendering 23.98 Alexa ProRes4444 to Avid DNx36 with LUT bake-in and audio at faster than realtime….on a MacBook Pro….”

Ben says Resolve is approximately half as fast on the same hardware.