Digital Photography Review: Sigma SD1 is Revised And Its Price Greatly Reduced


Sigma SD1 becomes SD1 Merrill and gains (much) keener price tag: Digital Photography Review.

On a little bit of a tangent here, because this isn’t about video.

Sigma doesn’t just make lenses, they also have their own brand of DSLR.  Never knew that?  That’s mainly because their camera services a very niche market, those people who love Foveon sensors.  A Foveon has no Bayer filter.  Light sinks through 3 different layers of silicon, each layer represent one of the primary colours.  Since the 3 layers are inherently aligned, the pictures produced are very sharp.  Its nemesis has been pretty poor low light performance.  When there’s enough light though, I love the look of Foveon pictures.

Sigma’s nemesis had initially been pricing their DSLR WAY out of the market.  With this revision, they’ve seen the light and have brought it back down to a level mere mortals could afford.  They’re never going to have huge sales, but for a certain group of photographers, there’s no substitute.