Cinescopophilia: Nikon D800 – HD With Different Fields of View, and A Clean HDMI Out


Nikon D800 2 Movie Recording Modes Offering Shallow Depth-of-Dield.

Today Nikon released a follow up camera to the D4, also based on a full frame sensor, the D800.  It appears they are targeting the D4 at folks that need ultimate low light performance, while gearing this new D800 with it’s 36 MP sensor at the resolution junkies.

For video folks, there are a couple of niceties.  The camera can either downsample 1920×1080 from the full frame sensor, which would give you a more limited depth of field or, create the HD raster from a crop of the middle of the sensor (DX mode).  This would still give you depth of field roughly equivalent to a Canon 7D (sorry to bring the enemy into this discussion), but give your lenses more telephoto reach without having to swap them.

The second video treat is, like the D4, the camera allows external recording of its clean HDMI output.

What say you Canon?  Care to allow in camera recording and a clean output?  Batter up!