ProVideo Customizing a Title in Final Cut Pro X and Motion


ProVideo Final Cut Pro and Motion by Mark Spencer

ProVideo Final Cut Pro and Motion by Mark Spencer.

These instructionals from MacBreak Studio are always really well done.  Not only technically (although I can see greenscreen bleed on your shiny table top guys 🙂 ), but also the give and take between Mark Spencer and Steve Martin.  Spencer is “the expert” showing how things are done, and Martin represents “the viewer/student”.  I like how Steve is always pointing out “the gotcha’s” of any workflow.

Here they show the integration between title effects in FCP and Motion.  An interesting thing to note if you’re looking to be a Motion designer, is the ability to easily limit how much of the parameters of an effect are available for the user to modify.

It seems like the round trip between the two programs is pretty well done, although I did not that they once had to refresh an effect in FCP after they had made a change in Motion, it didn’t auto update.