Sony America: Pricing Drastically Reduced on Sony F3 S-Log Upgrade

Twitter / @CineAltaNews: #F3, #PMWF3 owners that wi ….

A Tweet to let you know where to send your camera for the upgrade.  It is now $900 reduced from $3700.  My Canadian Sony guy says there will be a different deal for the True North.  If you’re in the U.S. and already paid for the upgrade, Sony recognizes that you might feel a little cheated, so they are offering a discount on their new zoom lens for the F3 to compensate.

What’s it all mean?  Pretty much guaranteed that there will be some update to the F3 at NAB to compete with its new Canon rival, the C300.  I would expect S-log, and an upgrade to 50mbps.  Since they’ve been out for a year and have recouped some development costs, maybe they’ll undercut Canon on price too.  Sony seems to have become a little more sensitive to price competition with the launch of the F65, here’s hoping that trend continues.