Apple: Behind The Scenes on the Multicam Shoot

Apple – Final Cut Pro X – Software Update.

You know, the update to FCP X Today was nice, but as a gear nut, what was even better was clicking on the “Watch the Multicam demo video” button.  Just amazing to think of how much money the richest company in the world poured into this shoot.  Gyro helicopter, 2 Russian arm camera cars with hot heads, 2 Audi R8’s, rent out a race track for a day, etc..  I gotta imagine that freakin INSANE helicopter pilot doesn’t come cheap either.  They also, in an effort to show how FCP X can edit many different sources on the same timeline, had one of every camera known to man 🙂  They even bolted a GoPro array to one of the cars to illustrate multicam editing!   Just once I’d like to be on a shoot where money truly is no object.