Updated Listing of Final Cut Pro X 10.0.3 Stories

Apple - Final Cut Pro X - A revolution in creative editing.

Apple’s site

Larry Jordan has a very thorough overview

Assisted Editing shows their program to bring FCP 7 projects into FCP X

Philip Hodgetts is one of the fellows that developed the above program, he expands on it here, and talks about the update in general here

Macworld has their take

Macrumors says Motion has had a bump in features as well

AJA has a PDF talking about how their new drivers will work with the update, although there are mumblings in the blogosphere that you shouldn’t install the new drivers if you are already running Avid MC 6 on the target machine.

Marquis Broadcast has released a new program to translate audio from FCP X to ProTools

Apple has released updated manuals for FCP X, Motion and Compressor

Carey Dissmore has a video up discussing his thoughts on the update, and he’s also updated his previous postings about Mac Towers and Thunderbolt

Digital Rebellion has a short note stating that this update seems to be an Apple “mea culpa” to Pro editors

Rob The Editor is not letting Apple off the hook that easy…..

Drivers for BlackMagic’s capture and playback devices are now available