ProVideo Quick Look – Sony F65 4K Digital Cine Camera

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Got here from @stoppeddown Twitter feed.

Adam Wilt has a quick look at the F65 (but it’s still a pretty lengthy overview, good reading).  Some highlights for me:

-The built-in ND filters are IR corrected

-pretty power hungry, up to 109 watts!

“…Jeff spoke to a couple of independent CMOS fabs about the tech used; they said Sony’s fab is 3 years ahead of what they can do….”

-Solid State deck connects over fiber optics, no long extension at this time

-down the road, the memory cards can be password protected and can have device authentication

-the RAW is 16 bit with 3.2:1 wavelet compression

-Oh, one more thing…..additional 4K products at NAB.  Intriguing…..