Alister Chapman: Sony F3 Shoots Northern Lights in Real Time

I had heard that the sun had a major eruption on January 24th, and was going to have a look myself, but never got around to it.  UK videographer Alister Chapman has been shooting in Norway, and got quite a show captured.  He is fibbing a little, as he is shooting with a 2 frame accumulation to get a bit more light into the camera, but still, you have to admit the F3 is damn impressive.  I can’t recall seeing real time footage this clean before.  I wonder what F-stop he is at?  I’ve shot some night scenics with the F3 and our Lumatech 1.3 primes, and it makes you re-plan your shot list, because the low light capabilities open up so many more options.

P.S.  I like the music he chose as well


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