How Web Giants Store Big—and We Mean Big—Data

The Great Disk Drive in the Sky: How Web giants store big—and we mean big—data.

I got here from Carey Dissmore’s Twitter feed.

Generally numbers wash over me, but there has been some doozies lately.  8 months ago, I read that Youtube adds 48 hours of video to their site every minute.  I have no idea what it is at this moment.  I read this week that Apple sold more iPhones per day last quarter (377,000), than there were people born per day (371,000).

In the video business, and on this blog, we often talk about storage arrays with hundreds of Terabytes of storage.  We in the video business tend to think we are the alpha dogs of storage and bandwidth.  We’re chihuahuas.  The article above says that Google processes 20 Petabytes of data per day.  You don’t handle that with FAT 32 🙂  In fact, when you read the article, you’ll find out that Google has created its own file system.  It’s a 4 pager, but give it a read.