Ikan LED Tease

Ow.ly – image uploaded by @ikancorp.

It looks like Ikan is soon to announce something similar to a Kino Flo Tegra.  Hints of Bi-Colour capability, we’ll see whether the output is there…….

On a tangent a bit.  I’ve promised to avoid posting rumours to this site.  I probably could have garnered a LOT more page hits if I had thrown up a few shots of the possible new 5Dmklll/7D that have been making the rounds.  But the difference here is that it is the manufacturer leaking this shot, not rumour mongers on the internet.  Now, one could argue that the Canon shots going around from an African safari are possibly (even probably) orchestrated: the guy just happened to be a Canon engineer, with a new camera and lens, and didn’t mind his fellow photographers shooting him?  But until Canon says something officially, you won’t see it on this site.